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Take a look at what some of our valued clients have to say

"Kris's workshop session on core values, allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding about the importance of values. As an example, I've worked with my colleague, Brenda for over 15 years and I've always marveled at her ability to provide me with resources or information in such a timely manner. Kris provided participants with the opportunity to articulate and share our personal values. This process allowed me to better understand Brenda as a person and colleague. When Brenda shared her value of dependability, I was able to recognize how her behaviours (promptly sharing assignments or information with me within 24 hours) align with her value. I had never before made the link between her behaviours and her value so this was enlightening. As a result, this has allowed me to forge a deeper working connection with Brenda and I have now committed to showing a more timely effort in following through on my own promise and deliveries in order to honour Brenda's value. This new knowledge helps connect us as colleagues in more meaningful ways."

-Keri Chiarelli

(Teacher, Berrigan Elementary School)

“In my life-time work and passion in the world of OD, People & Culture and Leadership Coaching, I have rarely happened upon such a determined, wise, authentic and centred individual as Kris.  We were joined together through a mutual contact to work on fine-tuning an already stellar vision and business plan for her program.  Kris was a wonder to work with as a coachee - she was passionate and well versed on her content, the program design and what was needed out there to support growing organizational cultures founded on values, care and compassion.  Kris will make a difference in any engagement that she is involved in.  Full of energy, compassion and joy and, a content expert.  What more could you hope for?”

-Kate Wootton, MA, PCC, ACC, CHRL, CHRP, CTDP, RCC 
Human Resources & Organizational Development Change Leader

"My team and I were fortunate enough to experience Kristina’s program, A Culture of Connection and Caring.  It allowed each of us to discover our own values, get to know and understand each other better and then explore team building opportunities through play, which has deepened our relationships. Kristina was very engaged in our growth and followed up to make sure that we were benefiting from what we had discovered.  I recommend this program and Kristina’s special brand of caring to anyone who wants to improve the culture of their workplace.”

-Gile Beaudoin
Good Health is Good Looking

"Kristina’s experience as a teacher puts her in a very unique position. After working for her last year and learning about her workshop, it makes absolute sense that this is the path she’s choosing. EVERY conversation I’ve had with Kristina is a wonderful one, primarily because I always come away feeling heard, and valued. She has a unique ability to bring such warmth and calm at the same time! Kristina’s calm demeanour and matter-of-fact approach is so sensible and easy to “digest”. Clearly her teaching background has been a big bonus for presenting this program. I wish her every success….because I really believe that these days, every workplace could use a lot more caring and connection."

-Loreto Cheyne
Lola Design

"After leaving Kris's presentation, I pressed the "Leave" button with watery eyes and a smile on my face, wondering "Why am I tearing up?!" I remember a few years ago, Kris shared an idea with me about how she wanted to inspire others to improve workplace culture. I am in awe at how far and how impressive Common Ground Culturing is and has come. I think the emotion was the combination of Kris's inspiring words and the pure joy I felt connecting with colleagues in such meaningful ways."

-Kyrie Love
Teacher, Berrigan Elementary School

Kris Beauchesne’s energy and passion in my various encounters with her led me to offering Kris the opportunity to present and facilitate a virtual session for a long standing Leadership series I began years ago. Kris is meticulous in her planning. Apart from the expertise she brings to her work, it is her positive and humble manner that is borne out in all she does. Warmth and commitment to the people is a hallmark of her approach."

-Ainsley B. Rose,

President-Thistle Educational Development Inc.

"A Culture of Connection & Caring" is a much-needed antidote to disengagement and burnout in the workplace. Kris has a warm, enthusiastic presence and incredible insights that help bring out the best in people while honouring the full, human selves that they bring into their work."

-​Alex Keenan (she/her)
Public Speaking & Communications Consultant

“I had the chance to preview Kris’s program and I connected immediately with the content.  I believe it fills a gap in workplace training by highlighting the importance of human connection to achieving business goals.  In working with Kris, I appreciate her special way of listening.  She holds space, and reflects back in a way that helps me feel heard and seen.”

-Georgia Reynolds 
Team Coach, Lumina Spark,

“Last year I had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Kris to offer a courage-based leadership learning program based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.  Kris was an outstanding partner throughout our time together. She is extremely collaborative, flexible, creative, and a values-based leader who is very committed to inspiring others to be their best and to bring about the changes they want to see in their lives. I know Kris has many gifts to offer to the world and I am excited for her future on-going success in her new journey!” 

-Laurie Hillis,

President, Megatrain Inc.

 "Kris's passion and commitment to getting results for her clients are just two of her great strengths. When you work with her, you get that wonderful combination of expertise and experience. If you're looking for help to make a sustainable change, look no further than Kris."

-Carol Ring,

CEO, Culture Connection

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