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Common Ground Consulting

When you invest in people, greatness is achieved.

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Does your organization struggle with any of the following?

  • Developing and maintaining a positive culture?

  • Having an aligned vision with shared organizational values?

  • Fostering trust and empathy?

  • Understanding, valuing and engaging in play?

  • Developing meaningful team connections?

Our consulting is the solution!

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At Common Ground Consulting, we understand that creating a caring, inclusive, and psychologically safe workplace is crucial for effective leadership and team performance, particularly in industries where diversity and leadership training are vital, such as (but not limited to) the healthcare, finance, and technology sectors. We recognize that a lack of time and resources can impede efforts to cultivate positive organizational health, leading to disengaged teams and neglected well-being.


We believe that prioritizing employee wellness and fostering inclusive cultures are essential for promoting productivity and retention, especially in the current global climate. Common Ground Consulting offers experienced Culture and Leadership Development services, as we understand the difficulty of achieving workplace ethos with positive organizational health.


That's why we have developed the program, ‘Leading a Culture of Connection and Caring,’ to provide you and your team with the tools to create a safe, caring, and inclusive workplace. Prioritizing organizational culture, and shared values. Our expert facilitator will guide you through this journey toward cultivating a workplace rich in diversity while inspiring greatness within your team. Common Ground Consulting will be your guide as we take this journey together…

About Common Ground Consulting Ottawa Inc.

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Benefits of Workshop Series


To identify, explore and connect with individual and organizational values


To gain enhanced awareness of the role of connection, empathy and play in the workplace


Build leadership skills through the development of effective communication and motivational practices


To provide the opportunity to authentically connect and experience play (a surprisingly key component to productivity)


To cultivate a more united, connected, inclusive and diverse team





Module A:

Meet and Greet

1 Hour

  • Pre workshop homework and reflections.

Module B:

Values Exploration

5 Hours

  • Understanding Core Values (personal and organizational)

  • Implications and benefits of culture with organizational health (trust)

Module C:

Hands-on Integration

5 Hours

  • Understanding emotional culture (connection, empathy, play)

  • Opportunities to engage in play

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